How To Avoid Getting Scammed By A Psychic

Going to see a psychic can be a very fun and rewarding experience for many people. But many times people who are unaware of how the process works fall into a trap with a psychic who is looking to rip them off. It only takes a few bad apples to really ruin it for the entire industry. If you know what signs to look for and you are careful about the person that you see, this can be a very rewarding experience for you. Here are a few of the warning signs to help you from getting scammed by a psychic.

Requesting Your Information

Whether you are calling ahead or walking in to set up an appointment, you should never have to provide your personal clairvoyant_victims_20101027125355_640_480information to have a reading done. When you call for a meeting one of the most important things that you can do is block your telephone number when you call. Many psychics who are looking to rip you off can easily trace your phone number back to you.

Once they have your name, it really is not that difficult to get your other information. Running a quick trace online can reveal family member names, birth announcements, even new home purchases. If you were to head off to your reading and the psychic told you that she sees your recently departed mother in the room, you better believe you will be hooked. Once they hook you, the scammers can work on separating you from your money. Never provide any information about yourself to a psychic.

Stop Taking So Much

If a psychic is going to scam you, they have to convince you that they have information that you must have. The way they do that is by either baiting you with certain types of questions, or allowing you to jut ramble on during the reading. Too many people simply begin to run at the mouth once they feel comfortable in a reading. If the psychic happens to hit on something in your life, this does not mean that you have to expand in great lengths about it.

What you are doing is providing information that the psychic can use to feed you a line and keep you on the hook. The psychic who is going to rip you off will often find something that is connected to you or a family member and warn you that something ba is going to happen. The only way for this situation to be avoided is by paying the psychic a predetermined amount of money so they can help o clear the aura around you. Never talk about yourself or family at the reading. let the psychic tel you what they see, and simply write it down or even record it if allowed. Then analyze it once you get home. If the psychic impressed you, that is when you can set up future meetings on your own because you feel they are legitimate.

The Other Party

One trick many psychics use to try and scam their customers is when you arrive with a friend or group and they make you wait in a room before your reading. Often times their will another stranger sitting in that room too. As you talk to your friends, everything that is said is either being written down, recorded, or memorized by that stranger. The information is later relayed to the psychic, who in turn uses it during the readings to pretend that they can see what is going on around you. When you are waiting to see a psychic, tel your friends and family to keep conversation to a minimum and never discuss names or specifics.

If you can watch out for a few of these warning signs, your next psychic reading will be a more pleasurable experience. Many great readers have gotten a bad name because of the scammers, so do not let a few crooks ruin this fun and exciting experience for you.

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